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Commercial Driver Online Safety Training

Flexible online driver training, that can be completed anywhere.  These training courses will hit the fundamentals of the workplace, including the in-depth “Master Driver” training series, journey management, hours of service and many more.  We’ve also really dug into many of the challenges you’ll face while working on the road.  Don’t short yourself, or your workers when it comes to surviving on the job.


All of our training packages can be taken as is, or mixed and matched with content from our online training library.

15 Passenger Van Safety

This online 15-Passenger Van Safety course is designed to offer safe van-driving techniques that, if implemented, will drastically reduce the risk of injury or even death when driving a 15-passenger van.


Accident & Breakdown Procedures

After completing this course, an understanding should be gained of:

  • Distinguish between accidents and incidents

  • Assemble and use an incident response kit

  • Recognize the importance of complying with company procedures

  • Protect the accident or breakdown area to prevent further incidents

  • Describe what to do immediately following an accident


Accident Procedures: Driver Training Series

Driver Training Series course is designed to help drivers understand what to do after being involved in, or witnessing, an accident. After completing this course, an understanding should be gained from the procedures to follow after an accident occurs and what to do once allowed to leave the scene of an accident.


Air Brake Refresher Program

This program teaches the Airbrake concepts detail. The program comes in 3 sections: Sections 1 & 2 represents the full Alberta Curriculum and Section 3 is a set of interactive activities to enhance the learner experience. Students are allowed to move back and forth through all the material at will, allowing easy access for individual review topics. The user creates their own experience.


AED/CPR Awareness Course

This online course provides automated external defibrillation (AED) and cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) skills review and practice using realistic scenarios.


Articulated Boom Truck (Knuckle Boom)

This online course is designed to meet the training requirements for powered industrial articulated boom trucks, also known as knuckle boom trucks. It covers the anatomy of the equipment, and emphasizes the importance of daily inspections.


Avoiding Rear-End Collisions for Large Vehicles

This online Avoiding Rear-End Collisions for Large Vehicles course is designed to provide an understanding of common causes of rear-end collisions and what large vehicles drivers can do to reduce the risk of being involved in one.


Back Road and Trail Driving

In this Back Roads and Trail Driving course, the following topics are covered:

  • Describe safety procedures and list safety equipment for back road and trail driving.

  • Discuss driving techniques and precautions for driving on unpaved surfaces, such as dirt or gravel roads and trails, and road shoulders.

  • Describe driving techniques and precautions for driving in mud, snow, water, and sand.

  • Describe a variety of driving techniques for avoiding obstacles and collisions with other road users on back roads.

  • Explain driving techniques and precautions for hitching and pulling a trailer.


Backing & Parking: straight Truck Series

The Straight Truck Series is a collection of training programs which emphasize the essential skills necessary for staying safe on the road while operating a straight truck. This series is appropriate for all levels of truck drivers, from the entry-level to the veteran driver operating any type of straight truck. 


Backing Safety Fundamentals

This online Backing Safety Fundamentals course explores the main risks associated with backing up a vehicle and offers simple solutions to reduce those risks. 


Backing: Tractor-Trailers

This course is designed to help reduce the number of backing accidents by teaching you proper procedures for each backing maneuver.


Basic Rigger & Signalman - Canada

An OSHA-Compliant training course online for riggers and signalers. I-CAB Recognized. This basic rigger and signaler class covers an introduction to rigging, determining load weight, sling angles and stresses, center of gravity, basic hitches, and much more.


Boom Truck Awareness

This online course provides information on the safe operation of powered mobile cranes. The course meets OSHA requirements for powered industrial boom trucks.


Canadian Heavy Truck Weight and Dimension

This online course provides information on the safe operation of powered mobile cranes. The course meets OSHA requirements for powered industrial boom trucks.


Canadian Hours of Service Program

This online Canadian Hours of Service course covers the specifics of the regulations. After completing this course, an understanding should be gained of the regulations governing hours of service in Canada; documentation requirements; responsibilities of carriers, shippers, and drivers; mandatory off-duty times and on-duty time limits; and, exemptions to the daily limits.v


Cargo Securement Flatbeds

 This online Cargo Securement Flatbeds course explains valuable ways to prevent load loss, trip delays, increased insurance rates, injury, and damage to cargo, vehicles and property.


Cargo Securement Dry Vans

 This online Cargo Securement for Dry Van's course provides best practices designed to help prevent revenue loss, roadside delays, increased insurance rates, injuries, and damage to cargo, vehicles and property.


Cargo Securement Tank Trucks & Trailers

This online Cargo Securement Program is designed specifically for Tank Truck and Tank Trailer drivers. It provides all the core fundamentals and general requirements essential to cargo securement, based upon the National Safety Code for Motor Carriers (Standard 10) PLUS specific needs in the tank truck and trailer sector of the trucking industry.


Commercial Vehicle Driver Basics

This course is designed to provide drivers with basic information about being a commercial vehicle driver.


Compliance, Safety & Accountability for Drivers

This online Compliance, Safety & Accountability for Drivers course is designed to provide commercial motor vehicle (CMV) drivers with important high-level information about the new CSA program


Confined Space Awareness & Rescue

This course will focus on general safety principles and provide information that will increase your recognition of potential confined spaces, improve your knowledge of safe operations, and keep you and those around you safe.


Daily Pre-Trip Inspection

This online driver training course provides instruction on how to perform vehicle inspections that comply with the National Safety Code. While most vehicle inspection courses only list the items that need to be inspected, this course goes further by using professional videos to show truck drivers how to perform required truck inspections. 


Defensive Driving

This program is a condensed version of our full Defensive Driving Program and contains all the course information from that course. It is an excellent course for those wanting a quality defensive driving course online. SAFER stands for Space, Attitude, Foresight, Eyesight and Responsibility.


Defensive Driving Large Vehicles

This online Defensive Driving for Large Vehicles course is designed to provide drivers of large vehicles with the knowledge and safe driving techniques they need to prevent collisions and violations.


Defensive Driving: 3 Demerit Reduction Program (Alberta)

Online Defensive Driving program is approved by the Alberta Government for reduction of 3 demerits points from an Alberta operator’s licence. A minimum mark of 80% must be obtained on the final exam to qualify for the demerit point reduction.


Defensive Driving Fundamentals

This online course explains how the Five Fundamentals of Defensive Driving can be used to reduce this risk to you and others.


Due Diligence Awareness

This course covers the necessary roles and responsibilities of the workplace supervisor or manager. In this course the student will review the rights and responsibilities of workers, supervisors and employers, and learn how to deal with the appropriate provincial health and safety legislation.


H2S Awareness

Intended for individuals at risk of exposure to hydrogen sulphide in the workplace, this online course provides information to help protect people from exposure and explains how to deal with H2S-related emergencies.

* Does not replace H2S Alive


Hours of Service - Canada

This online Commercial Vehicle Drivers’ Hours of Service course covers Canada’s Federal Hours of Service regulations. It is intended to help drivers and carriers understand and increase their compliance with the regulations. 


Load Securement & Distribution

This online Load Securement & Distribution course is designed to detail the cargo securement and distribution regulations in the United States and Canada for most types of cargo.


Lockout Tagout in the Workplace

This comprehensive online Logout Tagout in the Workplace course covers the steps to correctly lock and tag out equipment, devices used for lockout tagout, and the elimination of potentially fatal hazards through the implementation of proper lockout tagout procedures.


OH&S and the Law for Supervisors

This online OH&S and the Law for Supervisors course offers a comprehensive understanding of the Occupational Health & Safety Act and other key pieces of health and safety legislation for those in supervisory positions within the workplace.


Professional Driver Improvement Course - (PDIC)

This Professional Driver Improvement Course (PDIC) is specifically designed for drivers in the transportation industry as both a refresher on safe driving attitudes, techniques and an introduction to new safe driving concepts.


Propane Handling & Exchange

This course will teach the basics of safe handling and exchange of propane cylinders, as well as how to inspect cylinders and deal with emergency situations.


Provincial Hours of Service (Alberta)

This online Provincial Hours of Service (Alberta) course explains the hours of service limits set out by Alberta Regulation 317/2002 and how they apply to provincially regulated carriers and drivers. 


Rigging (Basic)

This online Basic Rigging course covers the basic responsibilities, practices, and techniques required to safely sling and rig loads.