This handy up-to-date in-the-field reference contains the full text of the workplace health and safety legislation applicable to federally-regulated employers, plus 6 interpretive chapters.

This guide is current to October 31, 2014.

A number of amendments to Part II of the Canada Labour Cod came into force on October 31, 2014, as first presented in Bill C-4 in late 2013. Changes include a new statutory definition of "danger" modifications to the work refusal process and the investigation of continuing work refusals. These and other changes are discussed in the updated interpretive chapters of this second edition.

Other amendments that also came into force in October 2014 include the removal of multiple references to health and safety officers in Part II, which were changed to refer to the Minister of Labour. The second edition includes these changes and explains the effects of the changes, including the Minister of Labour's continuing oversight and enforcement of the Canada Labour Code and associated regulations

In line with these changes to the Code about health and safety officers, several regulations in force under the Code have been similarly changed, under the "Regulations Amending Certain Regulations Made Under the Canada Labour Code." These changes align the affected regulations with the Code, and also came into force in October 2014.

HANDI-GUIDE to Federal Workplace Health and Safety Legislation - 2015 Edition








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