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Bill 30 Joint Health and Safety Committee Requirements

Updated: Sep 24, 2018

One of the requirements introduced by Bill 30, passed June 1, 2018, was the appointment of a workplace Joint Health and Safety Committee.

For all work/projects lasting 90 days or more, larger employers (20 or more workers), will be required to have a Joint Worksite Health and Safety Committee consisting of at least 4 persons, of whom, half represent workers not in positions of management on the work site.

What is a Joint Health and Safety Committee?

Joint Health and Safety Committees are important forums for workers to participate in OH&S. They ensure supervisors and workers discuss health and safety issues in the workplace and work collaboratively to find ways to address them.

These committees will be responsible for:

· Inspecting the work site for hazards;

· Helping employers respond to health and safety concerns from workers;

· Helping resolve unsafe work refusals;

· Helping develop health and safety policies and safe work procedures;

· Helping with new employee health and safety orientation; and

· Developing and promoting education and training programs.

Committee members will be appointed or selected by the workers they represent via a ballet system, or an open vote. The Committee will have two chairs; 1 to be appointed by the employer, 1 to be appointed by the workers, who will alternate duties. Members must work at the worksite for which the committee is appointed.

The committee must meet at least quarterly (every 3 months) and the committee members names must be posted in a conspicuous place at each work site.

Employers must ensure that the members of the committee receive training in respect to the duties and functions of a committee and that committee members have time away from their regular duties to perform meetings, inspections and address concerns or corrective actions on behalf of the committee.

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