Streamline your company training program and reduce the time spent on administration work

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Free Company Account

Despite obvious cost savings, many companies are on the fence about whether to transition their safety courses and employee training online. Reductions in class costs, instructor’s time, and physical resources can open additional resources for essential components of your safety program, like equipment and staff. 


We can set you up with your own account (for free) and assign someone within your company as the Location Manager. This person will have access to all information on employees registered under your company and can assign course codes or pull completed safety certificates.

All online courses offer the ability for the user to start and stop a course as needed and it will be bookmarked each time when restarted as to where they left off. All courses come with a printable certificate that the employee can print on completion or the account administrator can pull at any time. The account can also be set up so that every time a course is completed, the company admin will receive an email with the information on the worker that completed the course and the passing mark.

The Free Account includes a centrally managed cloud-based training record management system. The training record management system has the ability to allow dozens of system administrators to upload training records for employees and enables them to track compliance. The training record management system features an advanced email notification system to track, by department, location, or company, expiring courses and courses that have already expired.

Over the past few years, hundreds of new companies have entered the online training market.

Paid Company Account

Sign up for a Corporate Training Account to get on-demand access to all portal features.  The first step in creating a Corporate Training Account is setting up your private portal, which is customized to mirror your company’s website branding and colours. The portal then allows you to effortlessly create accounts for your employees and assign safety training courses without the need to purchase seats ahead of time. The best part about this account is that you only pay for the courses that your employees complete.

For a low, one-time setup fee of $500, On-Track Safety will launch your custom branded portal with your company logo and colours. It will also give you the ability to:

  • Access unlimited excel reporting and dashboards

  • Receive course completion notifications

  • Review expiring course alerts

  • Auto-assign new training when an existing course is about to expire

  • Integrate this system with almost any existing payroll system

Benefits of a Corporate Training Account include:

  • Summarized monthly billing

  • On-demand access to the entire course library

  • Excel spreadsheet reporting tools

  • Course completion and expiration alerts

  • Use of the Training Matrix

  • Advanced training search technology

  • Access to the Request Course technology

  • Offline training record storage using SafeTapp

  • Recommended and required training mapping

  • Certificate verification technology with QR Codes

A Corporate Training Account provides you with access to unlimited Excel spreadsheet reports, course completion notifications, expiring course alerts, and the ability to automatically assign new training requirements if an existing course is about to expire. Plus, you can integrate this system with most payroll systems to keep your employee list up-to-date.