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Cannabis Awareness for Employees

When marijuana was legalized in the United States, many employees mistakenly thought it was acceptable to use cannabis before, or even during, work. Employees inappropriately compared it to tobacco and felt they could possess it at work and smoke it on their break. As Canada proceeds with cannabis legalization, it is important to understand the issues regarding cannabis possession and use in the workplace, including applicable laws and rules, testing rights, and the implications and consequences of impairment.

The currently changing legislation will shed a new light on impairment in the workplace. It is important to know how to combat and control impairment in the workplace effectively, especially when new impairing drugs become legal for recreational use.

Our on-line training will equip you and your crew with the necessary knowledge regarding the following topics:

  • How cannabis use can put your jobs in jeopardy.

  • Cannabis conduct guidelines for the workplace.

  • The importance of understanding and abiding by a company’s drug policy.

  • Employer drug testing rights.

  • How and when a drug test can be failed.

  • The liability facing employees and employers for impairment in the workplace. Follow this link to register yourself, and your crew, today. Use the promo code ONTRACK10 to receive 10% off.


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