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Harnessing the Benefits of Corporate Training Accounts

Health and safety in the workplace aren't just about compliance; they're about creating a culture of care. This is where our corporate training account comes in and can save your company thousands of dollars. It is designed to save your company time and money while enhancing your team's safety knowledge.

Corporate Safety Training Account

What Is the On-Track Corporate Account?

Our account offers a comprehensive online training platform with over 1500 courses. From compliance to best practices, we've got your safety needs covered.

  1. The Cost-Saving Edge: Imagine slashing your training costs without compromising on quality. Our platform eliminates the need for physical training spaces, travel expenses, and printed materials. Plus, with our special signup offer, enjoy a 20% discount for the first three months and a 10% discount thereafter.

  2. Key Features That Make the Difference:

  • Ease of Management: Designate a Location Manager to effortlessly oversee your team's training.

  • Flexibility: With mobile-friendly courses, your team can learn on the go, fitting training into their busy schedules.

  • Instant Certification: Say goodbye to paperwork! Employees can print certificates immediately upon course completion.

  • Stay Informed: Automated email alerts keep you updated on course completions and expirations, ensuring your team remains compliant.

Embrace the Digital Revolution

Gone are the days of stuffy classrooms and snooze-inducing lectures. Our Training Account offers over 1500 dynamic online courses. Need stats? A study by the University of Alberta found that digital learning enhances knowledge retention by 25-60%. Switch to our digital platform and watch your team's engagement soar!

Customization is Key

Every company is unique, so we make it easy to customize your training matrix to fit your team like a glove. Assign a Location Manager to keep everything organized. Remember, a well-organized training program is like a well-oiled machine – efficient and smooth.

Mobile Training – Learn Anytime, Anywhere

Who says learning can't happen on a ski lift in Banff? Our mobile-friendly platform ensures your team can learn even on the go. This flexibility means training doesn't have to disrupt your busy schedule.

Stay Ahead with Real-Time Notifications

Keep on top of training like a hawk with our instant email alerts for course completions and expirations. According to OHS Canada, staying proactive in training management significantly reduces compliance issues.

Leverage Data with Advanced Reporting

Data is king, and our platform treats it as such. Generate comprehensive reports to track progress and identify areas for improvement. As per a Statistics Canada report, data-driven training strategies lead to a 50% decrease in workplace incidents.

Real-Life Success Story

Bob from Edmonton, has transformed his team's safety record with our Account. Bob utilized our customizable courses and saw a 40% reduction in safety incidents within a year!

The On-Track Difference

Ready to revolutionize your company's safety training? Visit On-Track Safety and discover how our PIR Training Account can lead your team to new heights of safety and efficiency. Remember, a safe team is a successful team!

In summary, the On-Track PIR Training Account isn't just about meeting OHS requirements; it's about fostering a culture of safety and continuous learning. Embrace the change, and let's make safety a priority together!


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Over 1500 online safety training courses like Leadership for Safety (LSE), Ground Disturbance, Operator Training & Compliance and so much more!

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To take your safety to the next level, why not try out our Free Training Account?  

Enjoy 20% off all courses for the first three months



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