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Leaders in the Hot Seat: Fire Prevention Week

Fire Prevention Week is hot on our heels. As seasoned leaders, it’s time to roll up our sleeves and delve into Canada’s burning issue (pun intended).

Canadian Fire Stats: The Blazing Truth

According to the National Fire Information Database, over 45,000 fires occur in Canadian businesses annually, resulting in significant property damage and loss of life. Now, that's a number we need to extinguish!

Your Actionable Steps for Fire Prevention

  • Regular Fire Drills: Ever had a surprise birthday party you weren’t prepared for? Well, fire is that unwanted surprise! Schedule regular fire drills to ensure everyone knows the exit routes and rendezvous points.

  • Maintain Fire Extinguishers: Did you know that according to Alberta's OHS Code, fire extinguishers must be inspected monthly? Consider setting reminders for monthly checks and an annual maintenance session.

  • Promote Smoke-Free Zones: Remember Bob from accounting's "secret" smoking spot? Let's keep those areas clearly marked and far from flammable materials.

Real-life Examples: Let's Not Repeat History

Remember the unfortunate 2018 fire at a Toronto factory? A discarded cigarette near flammable liquids led to a blaze that shut the business for months! Let's ensure our businesses don’t become a cautionary tale.

Useful Resources

Your Fire Prevention Call to Action!

Leaders, remember: Prevention is better than the cure, especially when the 'cure' involves trying to salvage a charred office. Need help formulating a fire safety strategy? Look no further! On-Track Safety is here to help Canadian businesses stay safe and sound. Contact us for specialized fire safety solutions tailored just for you.


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