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Sweating the Small Stuff: Practical Solutions to Heat Stress Prevention

As the saying goes in some places in Canada, "It's not the heat, it's the humidity" - unless you're at work, where it can be both! In Canada, the summer months can introduce a risk we often overlook: workplace heat stress. While our winters may garner more attention, Health Canada reports that extreme heat events are a leading weather-related cause of death in Canada.

Heat Stress at Work

In this post, we’ll talk about how management professionals can beat the heat by implementing practical solutions for heat stress prevention. Ready to turn down the temperature on workplace stress? Let's dive in.

Heat Stress: The Hot Topic in Occupational Health and Safety

When the thermometer rises, so does the risk of heat stress. Workers in hot environments may experience anything from heat rashes and cramps to serious conditions like heat exhaustion and heat stroke. But fear not, managing heat stress is no sweat with proper measures in place!

A Chill Pill for Heat Stress: Actionable Steps for Prevention

Here are practical, cost-effective ways to make sure your team keeps its cool during the summer months.

Cool Environments, Cooler Employees

Ensure workspaces have proper ventilation or air conditioning. If the heat is unbearable, schedule strenuous work for cooler parts of the day. Breaks? Make them frequent and cool. Encourage your team to step into cooler areas whenever they need a breather. Think of it as a mini Arctic escape!

Hydrate to Operate

Provide easy access to cool water and encourage workers to drink regularly, even if they don't feel thirsty. The rule of thumb is to drink 1 cup of water every 15-20 minutes. Hydrated employees are happy employees!

Training Day, Every Day

Training isn’t just for newbies. Regularly educate your team about the dangers of heat stress, its symptoms, and first aid measures. Remember, an informed employee is a safe employee. Here is a link to our Heat Stress Course.

Dress Down Days

Where appropriate, allow for lighter, breathable clothing. This doesn’t mean beach shorts and flip flops (even if Bob from Accounting wishes otherwise). Focus on safety-compliant attire that keeps the heat at bay.

Health Check-ups

Encourage workers to regularly monitor their health for symptoms of heat stress. This includes headache, nausea, dizziness, heavy sweating, and confusion.

Don't Let the Heat Beat You: Complying with Canadian OHS Regulations

Canadian OHS regulations don't specifically define temperature limits. But as responsible employers, we must ensure a safe and healthy work environment. A proactive approach to heat stress aligns perfectly with the principles of the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety.

On-Track Safety: Your Heat Stress Hero

With On-Track Safety, we can help you create a comprehensive heat stress prevention program that complies with the highest standards of workplace safety. From policy development to worker education, we’ve got your back, even on the hottest days.

Summer heat doesn't have to mean sweat, stress, and safety risks. Be a cool leader, not a sweaty boss. Let's turn down the heat together. Contact us today to ensure your workplace is a safe, heat-stress free zone this summer. Let's make heat stress prevention the coolest trend this summer!



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