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Unlock Exclusive Corporate Safety Training Perks: 20% Off, Admin Access & More with On-Track Safety

In today’s fast-paced corporate environment, ensuring your team is well-versed in health and safety regulations isn’t just a necessity—it's a priority. For management professionals and new company owners in Canada, navigating the complexities of Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) regulations can be daunting. On-Track Safety’s Corporate Training Program is here to streamline this process, offering a robust solution tailored to Canadian companies. Below, we outline actionable steps to leverage these offerings, integrating real-life examples, relevant statistics, and a strategic call to action.

Employees engaging in corporate safety training using On-Track Safety’s online platform, showcasing interactive courses for workplace compliance.

Exclusive Corporate Safety Training Account Benefits

  • Complimentary Account Setup: Kickstart your journey with us without any initial costs. Your custom account gets up and running at no extra charge, focusing solely on the courses you select.

  • Designated Location Manager: Enhance oversight with a manager dedicated to monitoring training progress, managing course codes, and ensuring safety certificate accessibility.

  • Flexible Learning Solutions: Our courses are designed for your convenience, allowing employees to pause and resume at their pace, ensuring no disruption to daily operations.

  • Instant Certificate Access: Achieve tangible progress with immediate certificate access post-course completion, facilitating seamless compliance verification.

  • Automated Notifications: Stay ahead with automated alerts for course completions, expiries, and compliance statuses, ensuring your company remains up-to-date with all safety requirements.

  • Exclusive Promotional Offer: Enjoy a 20% discount on all courses for the first three months, followed by a perpetual 10% discount, offering unmatched value to your safety training investment.

Robust Safety Training Program

Assess Your Current Safety Training Needs

  1. Conduct a Risk Assessment: Identify potential hazards within your workplace to tailor the training program effectively.

  2. Survey Employees: Gather insights on existing knowledge gaps to ensure the training addresses specific needs.

Leverage On-Track Safety’s Resources

  1. Utilize the Designated Location Manager: Assign a manager to track progress and compliance, ensuring all employees meet the necessary safety standards.

  2. Optimize Learning with Flexible Courses: Schedule training sessions that align with your team’s workload, minimizing downtime while maximizing learning outcomes.

Integrate Training into Your Corporate Culture

  1. Regular Updates: Use automated notifications to keep your team informed about upcoming courses and certification renewals.

  2. Incentivize Participation: Recognize and reward employees who actively engage in and complete safety training modules.

Elevate Your Safety Standards Now

Begin your journey towards a safer, more compliant workplace today. Contact On-Track Safety to set up your Corporate Training Account and take the first step towards empowering your team with the knowledge and skills to navigate Canada’s OHS regulations confidently.

By embracing On-Track Safety’s Corporate Training Program, you're not just complying with regulations; you're investing in a culture of safety that benefits everyone. Let's make workplace safety a priority together.


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Over 1500 online safety training courses like Leadership for Safety (LSE), Ground Disturbance, Operator Training & Compliance and so much more!

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To take your safety to the next level, why not try out our Free Training Account?  

Enjoy 20% off all courses for the first three months



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