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Worker’s Compensation claims and associated costs are unavoidable and affected the profitability of many companies. Worker’s Compensation Board introduced a Poor Performance charge several years ago to increase the maximum surcharge in the Regular Pricing Program to a potential of 240%.  The key to effective claims management is to be involved in a claim from the onset, ideally from the date of the incident, or as soon as possible.


A comprehensive program to reduce WCB claims costs can show dramatic results in premium savings when appropriately implemented and monitored persistently.  On-Track Safety has been supporting clients by mentoring and helping them through the WCB claims process. 


What We Can Do

  • Confirming the claim is correctly established, within WCB legislation and timelines

  • Developing the most cost-effective means of addressing the injury

  • Implementing tools to reduce the time-loss component of the claim

  • Ensuring all expenditures are reasonable, based on applicable policies and legislation

  • Pursuing modified duties in all circumstances

  • Identifying, initiating and advocating for potential cost-relief opportunities

  • Preparing and presenting issues of appeal to the Dispute Resolution and Decision Review Body or Appeals Commission

  • Negotiating medical treatment and return to work plans

  • Expediting any procedures or medical consultations through our established affiliations


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